Early Childhood Education

Music and Movement

Mommy and Me Classes

My studio offers early childhood education group music and movement classes for parents and their children ages 0-3. Each class has a limit of 6 participating children. I use a Suzuki Early Childhood Education Lesson Template to make each class a place of calm, mastery learning, and enjoyment for each parent-child team.

Children are supported in their activity by a one-on-one mentor/parent as we explore music, language, and movement. Our shared goal is to build beautiful people using principles of development. “Our job is to use music to help children discover the beauty in themselves.”

Each class will:

• Feature movement, music, and activity to engage and nurture children with their
• Support children’s neurological, physical, emotional, and social development.

Each semester runs for 10 weeks. The cost per semester per child is $100.

Amy’s Guiding Principles

● Ability Develops Early
● Every Child Can Learn
● Encouragement is Essential
● Success Breeds Success
● Environment Nurtures Growth
● Parent Involvement is Critical

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