Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

Tuition Payment

I ask that tuition is paid in advance at the beginning of the month.  In case of inclement weather, we will hold online lessons. In case of unavoidable conflicts, we will schedule a make-up lesson.

I charge tuition to provide a quality product. I can offer better service to each student because I reinvest a vast portion of tuition payments. Teacher training, office supplies, technology support, environment management, recital hall fees, and piano support fees are essential costs to studio upkeep.

I have found that successful students are willing to make learning music a long-term commitment, attend lessons and classes, and they make regular practice time a priority. I have observed that it makes a considerable difference to the success of students when supporters study and incorporate principles from the recommended readings as well.

Wilhelm Violin/Viola Studio Scholarships

Because I believe in nurturing ability even when resources are minimal, I offer need-based scholarships. To qualify to be considered for a scholarship, the student and their supporter should demonstrate their commitment to musical training.

Wilhelm Violin Studio Pricing Guide

2023-24 Student pricing
Violin/Viola lesson 1/2 hour@$25 per lesson
Violin/Viola lesson 45 minutes@$37.50 per lesson
Violin/Viola lesson 1 hour@$50 per lesson
Piano lesson 1/2 hour@$25 per lesson
Group ClassIncluded in tuition
Dress RehearsalsIncluded in tuition
Studio Accompanist Included in tuition. $40 per hour rate if the family needs extra rehearsal time.
TuningIncluded in tuition. $5 if the family is not enrolled
String ChangeIncluded in tuition. $15 if family is not enrolled
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