Suzuki Violin/Viola Lessons

Students who learn Suzuki Violin will grow step by step through individual instruction and practicing assignments at home. In private and group lessons, I make learning fun for students by using effective activities and games. Everyone learns the same repertoire so they can play and learn together easily, but learners also prepare fun music to share that distinguishes them and holds interest.

To learn Suzuki violin means that practice parents take notes during lessons and ensure consistent effective practice and listening habits at home, because learning happens at home as well as during lessons and classes. A child learns Suzuki violin best when a parent participates actively, attending lessons, taking notes, and helping children practice the things they learned in the lesson.

Every parent can take an active part in their child’s learning process. ‘Success Breeds Success’ and one of the most important jobs a Suzuki parent can do to help students learn violin is to take the time and effort to listen to the assignments and other excellent music. All the Suzuki books come with good recordings. I make listening to them part of the weekly practice assignment.

Learn Suzuki Violin through Repetition

Each student has the challenge and opportunity to grow with the Suzuki School of Music. Students learn step by step, polish the skills needed to play musically, and perform each piece in a volume from memory. You can imagine that it takes practicing well and repetition can get boring if you let it. Boredom is an enemy to learning, so we have to find ways as teachers. parents and students to keep practicing interesting.

It is important that parents and students understand that repetition and review are essential elements to learning an instrument. Students repeat and review even the repertoire they have already learned to polish their understanding and musicality. You’ll see a Review schedule in every lesson, so plan on polishing up songs that have already been mastered. Then, each student comes to deeply know the music so that great confidence in performance naturally follows.

Children and parents can attend group classes to cooperate in the learning process.

Students have a weekly group class because it’s easier to learn the violin when you’re practicing both with a group and individually. Group classes allow students to play good music with their peers in fun surroundings and reinforce the concepts learned in the private lesson. I teach Suzuki violin group classes on Friday afternoons and willingly work with families to find the best time for everyone in the group. Parents attend group classes to encourage their kids and help them to stay focused. 

Where to Find Supplies for your Journey Learning Suzuki Violin 

The teacher will measure the student for violin or viola size, and it’s best to go to a quality, trusted violin shop for the instrument, bow, and case. You might start with this list:

Ferguson Violins

Day Violins

Summerhay’s Music Center

Peter Prier and Sons Violins

Charles W. Liu Fine Violins

Moroz Violins

However, you can find most supplies like; rosin, a shoulder rest, a music stand, a tuner/metronome, and recommended music at most music stores and even online.

Parent Reading Recommendations for Learning Suzuki Violin

Group Violin/Viola Events/Classes: 


Recitals take place at USU FAC in Room 214: 

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