Pre-Twinkle Suzuki Violin Classes for Children

Pre-Twinkle Suzuki Violin Classes for Children

In our Suzuki violin classes for children, we teach students to play the violin well at a very early age. Wilhelm Violin Studio Suzuki violin classes ages 3-6 use proven techniques to help every child learn to play beautifully. In the master-class, parents and children observe each other and take turns with the teacher in a group setting. In the group class, the children learn to cooperate while expressing musical ideas such as rhythm and pitch. Learning to play the Suzuki violin is like learning to talk.

When learning to speak, a person listens, understands, then tries different speech patterns to represent ideas. When learning to play music, a person listens, understands, then tries different physical movements to produce sound that represents ideas. Every child can grow the ability in the language of music and the physical skill to express ideas beautifully through music.

Dr. Suzuki recommended that children learn musical skills the same way they learn the language surrounding them. The more parents expose a child to music, the better and more quickly that child will be able to communicate using the language of music. If a child can say individual phonemes, they have most of the tools needed to recite a Shakespearean Sonnet. Likewise, if a child can play ‘The Twinkle Variations’ well, they have most of the tools needed to play a Mozart concerto.

Pre-Twinkle Suzuki Violin

Basic Tenets of the Suzuki Method

Suzuki Violin Classes for Children Beginnings

Each new beginner Suzuki violin group begins with a parent class. The teacher and parent working in unison are vital to a child’s learning journey. Even a parent with no musical background is essential to the learning process. The parent is the expert on the child, takes notes during lessons, guides and maintains consistent practice at home, is the child’s best cheerleader, and communicates the child’s needs and progress with the teacher.

When Suzuki violin classes begin, the teacher will model home practice and communicate weekly assignments and expectations during the lesson. Each practice parent works with the teacher to nurture each young child in physical and musical skills by implementing a simple, purposeful, consistent activity plan during the week. Suzuki families begin to build effective listening and practice habits and grow abilities.

When a child has grown their listening and practice habits and ability enough, parents may purchase a $12 (cardboard and dowel) Suzuki box violin in the studio to enhance their understanding of and physical comfort with the violin.

Suzuki Violin Classes for Children Graduation to a Wood Violin

After enough consistent practice and care, a child will have developed enough skills to graduate from the box to a wood Suzuki violin. The teacher will measure each child for the proper size violin. Then, parents can purchase a quality instrument. Each child trains again on the wood violin with the listening and practice habits they developed with their teacher and parent.

Pre-Twinkle Suzuki violin students grow in a nurturing environment suited to their developmental age. When they are ready for more, Suzuki violin students graduate from their Pre-Twinkle class and continue to grow and develop more skill through private violin lessons paired with leveled group classes.

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Suzuki Violin Classes for Children Parent Reading Recommendations

Wilhelm Violin Studio Classes for Children Calendar

Suzuki Pre-Twinkle violin classes composed of 3-4 children and their practice parent begin in September, January, and March of each year. Group times are scheduled at the beginning of each semester according to family needs and availability. Parent meetings are scheduled in the calendar below, but can also be tailored to Suzuki family needs.

Recitals for early beginners take place during their group class. Occasionally, families will enjoy participation in larger studio recitals and may attend the larger recitals and practice their listening/audience skills.

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